In 2014 I realized the work Camera Obscura when I was invited by the Art Production Fund to be the Artist In Residence in Las Vegas. I set up a communal collage-drawing workshop with the public. During the residency participants where invited to a gallery space in which there where two large, blank pieces of paper on one wall, and hundreds of empty photo sleeves organized in a grid on another wall. The drawings began when I took two polaroid portraits of each participant. They would then write a hashtag on one of the pieces of paper. On the other sheet of paper they would write a secret. After reading their hashtags and secrets I would immediately cross them out with graphite. This process of erasure resulted in what had the appearance of two similar abstract drawings. In actuality, they were a recording of the performed revelation and erasure that was made collectively between 326 persons that is, in effect, one durational drawing.

​​Each participant selected a portrait to keep and the other would be displayed in the gallery. This extended their collaboration in the process in their private selection as well as the public display.